Ayamas Enters New Product Avenue At Mihas 2011

06Press Release
Kuala Lumpur, 6 April 2011 – Ayamastoday announced its entry into the personal care and health beverage industry with the launch of its first line of essences at Mihas 2011.

The Ayamas Traditional Essence of Chicken and NurKasih Prune Essence are based on traditional recipes which adhere to Ayamas’s top quality production standards.The Ayamas Traditional essence of Chicken is made from pure essence of chicken and caramel and a pack of six 70ml bottles retails at RM31.90.

The NurKasih Prune Essence is made from prune concentrate, iron and witamin C and is affordably priced with six 42ml bottles available at RM21.90.

The Ayamas Traditional Essence of Chicken and NurKasih Prune Essence are the expansions to the Ayamas ‘s current chicken-based further processed and shelf stable product lines.

Both products are free fat, cholesterol and preservatives and have been carefully prepared in order to maintain nutritional values of the ingredients which include fresh prunes and chicken.

”Its high quality and authentic ingredients which make the Ayamas Traditional Essence of Chicken and NurKasih Prune Essence attractive, plus of course Ayamas’s signature quality production methods and flavour,” said Jamaludin Md Ali, Managing Director of KFC Holdings (Malaysia) Bhd, operator of Ayamas, in Kuala Lumpur today.

The Ayamas Traditional Essence of Chicken is meant for Malaysians who are concerned about their health and want traditional goodness that is convenient while the NurKasih Prune Essence is more for women who are concerned about their overall wellbeing and health,” he added. The traditionally prepared fine quality Chicken Essence is made easy for everyone to enjoy and the Prune Essence is meant to enhance inner and outer beauty.
“Customers will find that our products have great taste and flavour but are also convenient and at affordable prices which deliver results and satisfaction. All in all, they are a great package for enyone!” he said.

Both products are currently available at all KedaiAyamas nationwide, and will be sold at leading hypermarkets and supermarkets nationwide beginning June 2011.
Ayamas, a wholly owned subsidiary of KFC Holdings (Malaysia) Bhd, a member of QSR group, is the foremost fully integrated poultry breeding, processing and retailing enterprise in Malaysia.